Patchwork Kitties and Elephants.

Hey lovelies, how has your week been? It’s been a good week here, it’s amazing what NOT running on a (stress) fractured pelvis (plus painkillers) does for a girl ha ha!

I’ve managed to get a little sewing done, in between paying attention to the large ginger kitty who keeps getting in the way. It’s like he knows I’m not supposed to be doing much at the moment – his owner’s keeper? LOL.

The Patchwork Elephants pattern is our Four Dollar Friday special this weekend. You can find the PDF and printed patterns in our Etsy or Red Boots stores. A big thanks to Joan and Vicki for their beautiful project photos.

It’s actually been great having to slow down a little. I’ve been able to take a breath and think. In 2019 I’d like to run things along the lines of the “Happy Quilts” book. For each quilt a matching soft toy. I’d like to make a few ‘grown-up’ quilts too.

I’m not going to stress about the Christmas sales period. There will be a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale though. I think that starts next week, I’ll let you know when. In the meantime have a lovely weekend, I hope you get some happy sewing done! toni xx

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