Back before I had to make a living from this gig, I experimented a lot and made some interesting stuff. I never took a photo of this finished quilt but it was made entirely of jeans pockets and scrap quilting cotton. I wonder where it ended up. I must have given it away. I can remember it being heavy! I had an enormous amount of fun blanket stitching around the pockets.

I had a thing for recycling denim, I still do, and I made these guys from old jeans. I’ve decided to resurrect the pattern because they are just so darn cute. Ragnar the Reindeer and Maurice the Moose.

And while I was meandering down memory lane, I found these guys in my scrap bin. They are little desk pals (or pin cushions). I made dogs and cats too. I’ll update the pattern tomorrow with an added base for stability.

I hope you had a lovely Monday. It was sweltering hot here. Spring didn’t last long and we’ve leapt straight into Summer. Sleep tight lovelies, toni xx


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  • I have totes of jeans to recycle. I love those pockets, but am just not too sure what to do with them…Maybe you can design something fun with your adorable little animals peeking out the tops of them! Don’t you love how I put you in charge of that? hahahahaha

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