It’s $4 Friday!

It’s $4 Friday!

The Flamingo Dance, High Noon, Boot-n-Skoot, The Wild West, Desert Flowers, and The Land Down Under quilt patterns are on special this week. 

The PDF patterns are $4 and the printed patterns are $11.50 including postage. Bargain! They are available in our Etsy store and in our new Red Boots store this weekend only.

I came across this photo on Instagram this morning. They made me smile so hard. Aren’t they the cutest Halloween cakes ever? 📷 @presentandcorrect on InstagramScreen Shot 2018-10-26 at 8.52.02 am

I’m currently having a huge re-think about Red Boots. It’s becoming more and more difficult to get exposure via Facebook and Instagram and these platforms drive 90% of sales to the store. I’m working 60 hours a week just to keep my head above water. Ironically my free patterns have been downloaded over 100,000 times this year alone. Go figure.

I’m not giving up, the business was growing and I think it can continue doing so, I just need to find new ways of advertising my quilt patterns. I also need to take a deep breath and decide what direction I want to go in. It’s an odd business this one.

And speaking of free patterns, our freebie of the week is our Summer and Winter Santa Sacks. You can download the patterns by clicking on ‘Free Projects’ in the menu.

Well that’s it from me this hot and sweaty Friday night. The house is so quiet, all three kids (what do you call your children when they are no longer children?) are working hard on their end of year Uni assignments. Every now and again one of them looks at the clock and has a small melt down – 12pm is deadline time for uploading assignments. 12.01 is a fail.

Oh before I go, I didn’t tell you that Rem went missing today. There have been a lot of storms about this week and he’s terrified of thunder, not to mention the very heavy machinery they are using to build the new estate and apartments at the back. We really thought we’d lost him, we completely pulled the house apart.

I was a mess of frantic tears, you know how much I love my cranky ginger moggie. We were just getting ready to search the bushland and roads when I had a thought. I don’t know how he did it, but he managed to squeeze his fat, furry, seven kilo butt into a drawer in my daughter’s room. I had to pull out the furniture to reach him. He’s in the dog house.

Enjoy your weekend! toni xx

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