Calling all Happy Quilters

Good morning Happy Quilters! Do you have any photos of the projects you have made from the Happy Quilts book or my patterns that you are willing to share with me and others? 

As a lot of you would know, I don’t keep my quilts and soft toys. I simply don’t have the room and it seems such a waste to keep them in a cupboard when someone could be using them. I sell some to fund future projects, but I give most of them away. This makes it awfully difficult to use the quilts and toys for promo shots LOL.

Your photos don’t have to be perfect or magazine quality – happy snaps of your projects would be great. 

The photos would be used here on our website, and on Facebook, Instagram, and possibly Pinterest and Etsy. You would be credited of course. 

Please email any photos you are happy for me to share on social media to plus a quick ‘permission note’ to use them on social media platforms. Please also let me know the details you prefer to be on the photo – I’ll watermark each photo with your name or username, whichever you prefer.

Thanks heaps, toni xx