Etsy vs. stand-alone website.

Hi y’all, can I ask your opinion please. The time has come to make a decision about my store. Would you prefer to shop via Etsy or through a stand-alone store. It would be a gradual changeover so I wouldn’t end up broke LOL.

Let me know your thoughts. toni xx

aussie quilt finished




  1. I find Etsy quick and efficient. I find some stores extremely difficult to navigate, especially for free items. If your store is efficient and accepts PayPal I would shop there. If running it yourself puts more money in your pocket and is easy for you to maintain, go for it. :).

  2. Thank you for asking our opinion, although as others have said, it’s really what do YOU need to do in order to continue in your business!?

    But now, only because you asked our opinion, I will tell you. I have a number of people I buy from on Etsy. BUT, I rarely go to Etsy unless I am going to buy something I know is there from a past shop I have gotten something from in the past. I don’t read the blog there even. *(I think they had a blog LOL) So, if you got rid of your website, it would be doubtful that I’d find you on Etsy only when I need/want a pattern I know I would find in your shop there.

    Having said that, I am certainly not saying that I think you should do one or the other and am only giving you my opinion since you had asked. 🙂 If I don’t speak up and give you that answer you asked us to do, then you can’t make an informed decision which is what you are looking for; right?

  3. My preference would be Etsy because they keep a record of my purchases and I can go back and download them again at any time if I need to … if I have a hard drive crash for example

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