I’m finally nutting out this panda quilt.

Just when I thought I had it right I realised it wasn’t working for me. I’ve unpicked it, pulled out tufts of hair in frustration over it, binned it, rescued it, unpicked it again, and finally, FINALLY something clicked and I think I can move on and finish it. The usual happy quilt process LOL.

IMG_0633 2My boys are helping me out, one’s sitting on the table and one’s under it at my feet. Actually they’re both getting in the way but who am I to argue with the wee furry beasts.

3 thoughts on “Saturday.”

  • I have success with adding a basket (or a box) to my sewing area and then encouraging my fuzzy helpers to sit there (patting occasionally)…this does some great things – I am much less likely to sew a paw into my seams, he doesn’t sit on my pieces (usually), and it (sort of) contains some of the cat fur. I do have to remind him to “get in your basket” sometimes, though. Haha! I wish you the best with nutting this out…I am sure you can <3

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