Is it Friday again?

Hey y’all, how was your week?

I wish I had something interesting to share with you, some sort of Instagram worthy photo or activity. High tea with friends or a shiny new purchase, but the reality of my week is pretty mundane – cooking, cleaning, chores. I really need to lift my social media game. Fake it til you make it… right?

The best I can offer is a wander around the Vinnie’s store that’s next door to the coffee shop. I picked up some really cute mugs for $1 though, just perfect to plant some succulents in.

To make up for my lack of new content right now, (almost) everything is 20% off in-store this weekend. Pop on over a grab a pattern or twoIMG_1084.jpgI’m working on several quilts right now, jumping from project to project, not quite getting them finished. There’s a lot happening here, including putting the house back on the market, so I’m not getting as much sewing done as I should be.IMG_0590I forgot to put up August’s giveaway details too. I’ll get back to you on that one. It will be time for the draw before I decide what to give away LOL. Can I start August over again? toni xx

3 thoughts on “Is it Friday again?”

  • I love seeing you do your work. I am impressed by the speed and accuracy of your blanket stitch! And I also love the fact that your machine has the same accumulation of fuzz as mine! haha.

  • Ooo I just love that “Panda” quilt!!! :0) I look forward to your weakly updates of progress no matter how big or small? (Don’t be so hard on yourself, life is messy!)

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