Aussie Pins

Edit: I’ve uploaded the pins to Etsy, they are ACRYLIC not enamel. I’m not sure whether I’ll get them made up in enamel in the future. There are only 20 of each because they are a trial product. They are nice and light and are perfect for kids to pin to their pencil cases and bags. They have a black rubber clutch back.


IMG_0559Sweet and super cute kookaburra and kangaroo acrylic pins.

– Approx. length 35mm (approx. 1 1/2in)
– 2mm (thick) acrylic pin.
– Smooth surface.
– Single rubber clutch on the pin.

The pins are made by digitally printing the designs onto 2mm clear acrylic before laser cutting them to shape and adding a quality pin fixing on the reverse.

– The pin ships on a backing card with a cello cover.
– Sorry about the lousy photos but our new camera is rubbish! I wonder if I can return it.backing for pins

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  • Toni what is your preference for Poly/Cotton wadding. I’d like it to be squishy, somewhat warm and easy to hand quilt. I’ve bought bolts of different wadding which are unsuitable, either found I was allergic or the ‘fleece’ was too heavy and malted all over me and surrounds. So much I can learn. Any suggestions appreciated. Help!

    • Hi Anne, I’m sorry I missed your message earlier. Matilda’s Own is still apparently the best brand on the market but I haven’t been able to buy it for a while so I’m not sure whether they’ve cheapened up like so many other companies (big prices poor quality). I’ve been using a different brand, can’t think of it’s name off the top of my head, which I thought was good (nice squishy feel no allergies) but it has been bearding badly. One of my quilts looks like it has moss growing on it! When I find a replacement I’ll let you know. I’ll also put the word out on Facebook and see what everyone says. Sorry I couldn’t help much, toni xx

  • Cute! Not on ETSY as of 3:25am Eastern Time. I’ll look when I can during the day. Hope I don’t miss them. I have the others.

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