2019 Mystery Block of the Month

Hey lovelies, I have wanted to do a mystery block of the month for a couple of years now. What do you think? Tell me what you’d like to see – a theme, an animal, a style.I’m looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions!

I did up my stats for the guys at Thermoweb (the makers of my fave fusible webbing HeatnBond Lite) and my free patterns were downloaded 28,626 times in July. Wow! I have you all to thank for those great numbers.

Happy Saturday lovelies! toni xxcatnip craftsy_etsy



  1. I’ve am wanting to see a fish quilt pattern for a while now. Goldfish, Beta’s, Neon Tetra’s etc. Fish you would find in a child’s fish tank type theme. I can see it with cute fish tank decorations and plants too. Just a thought for a BOM or for a new pattern at some point. 🙂

  2. How about a seasonal quilt that includes all 4 seasons. Spring flower, summer green, fall leaves, and winter. Or maybe fantasy quilt with toadstools, fairies, gnomes and the like.

  3. Sounds great. I like the idea of an Aussie theme. Months of the year perhaps. I don’t have a problem with snow as we do get snow in some parts..lots of seasons to choose from like our dry areas and our tropical areas, the list goes on. Cute animals…..I am excited and you haven’t even decided yet. Hugs

  4. that’s a heap of downloads… hope you got lots of sales too!! BOM are popular but I’m hopeless at ideas for them I’m afraid….

  5. Love the idea of a BOM, how about family pets? Could cover a large range of animals, dogs, cats, fish, snakes, cockatoo, rabbit, galah, budgie, crocodile, kangaroo…my Sunday morning brain can’t think of any more 😆😆

  6. I would love a bom by yourself as all your designs are so cute. I would like a fantasy theme but I would still do a bom regardless of the theme by you.

  7. I would love a BOM put on by you. I laughed when I saw the comment about no Halloween as I am a Halloween freak and would say no to Christmas. lol Perhaps no specific holiday. Aussie plant life – flowers and trees?

  8. That would be “sew” much fun! I prefer fusible applique. As to the theme, your the queen on that one. Everything you do is over the top cute!!!!!

  9. I love BOM’s!! Because I’m not from Australia, the different animals that Australia has, but no one else does. While I do love paper-piecing, I don’t really mind applique either, so any type of assembly method would be fine. I won’t be TOO fussy….I’m up for anything you come up with!! 🙂

  10. A BOM – what a great idea!! – I’d vote for Aussie months of the year too…no snow for winter please..or houses…or trees…does that help?

  11. That’s a lot of free downloads. Do hope there was a lot of bought ones too.
    I would love to do a BOM with you Toni….could be mixed similar to the doggy one in this post.

  12. Wow! I’m in for a Block of the Month! Could we have an Aussie months of the year (so January is summer!), or pets (dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish, etc), or Kids clothes (yeah, I’m weird). I’ll try to think of some more 🙂

  13. Wow, that’s a lot of downloads. A mystery BOM sounds fun.

    As to what?? I have no idea. (Hehehe helpful I know).

  14. Toni what a great idea. I would definitely be up for that. I would be happy to do whatever you decide. I’m a cow girl with living on the farm, but your already working on that except maybe a mixture of farm animals including the cattle dog and cat chasing the mouse.