Happy August.

Hi y’all, it’s August and everyone is talking about how close Christmas is. My head is firmly in the sand when it comes to Christmas, I’m just not ready to accept it’s the end of the year.

I haven’t quite got my head around the new Uni timetable yet so I’m not getting much work done. I’ve got the fabric ready for the cows and my sketchbook is full of ideas for a Summer Christmas quilt.

Some of my older quilts need updating using new fabrics, so I’m slowly working through them, making a block here and there when I find the time. The Rabbits at Hyde Park is currently in the queue for a fabric makeover.

I’ve put some patterns on special this week for you. Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Fun at the North Pole, Scrappy Alphabet, Scrappy Snowmen, Flamingo Dance, and Isaac the Robot are all $4 for the PDF version and $11.50 for the printed patterns. You can find my store here.

I’ve also done the draw for the July giveaway. Congratulations to Christine and Lynda. I’ll pop your prizes in the post as soon as I hear back from you. Thank you to everyone who participates and enters.
Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 10.01.36 pm.pngI hope everyone has a lovely weekend, I really hope to get some sewing done, it’s been a real struggle to find the time this year. toni xxrabbits-craftsy-small

One thought on “Happy August.”

  • Im hoping to add your new smowmen patterns! But please dont ask if ive gotten the other eonderful things done yet. You’re not the only one watching the days gly by with seeming little to show for it! I currently have a ” full” house…and tho grands are ” grown” lerps things hopping.. Granddaughter is here for a bit with our wonderful 2 yr old greatgd…wonderful…but little space left…all just finished last week
    ..one at a time with stomach virus..uck..ive just been home with it…i mean if i missed work 2 days…wish i could have spent it sewing! Nope…on and on it goes..nut i keep trying….and planning! Just keep giving us these wonderf patterns to dream and plan with!

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