Friday Night Musings

Hi y’all, how has your week been? Did you get any time to do something fun? My three are back at University this week and I’m back in the car driving between work, home, the train station, and Uni several times a day.

Our Scrappy Snowmen quilt is just about ready. I wanted to release it tonight, but I’d rather take an extra day to make sure everything is right first. I’ll try and get it listed tomorrow. It’s quick and fun and above all, happy. We all need a bit of happy in our lives these days don’t we, the world has gone mad.snowman quilt macAre any of you watching the Tour de France? Are you sitting, heart in mouth, watching Peter Sagan struggle to keep up with the race like us? We were lucky to be able to travel to France a few years ago to watch the Tour ride into Paris. It was the middle of a heatwave, the riders were amazing, and walking home via the Louvre at midnight was magical.

With the change in rules and algorithms on Facebook and Instagram it’s becoming hard to get noticed and that makes it hard to earn enough money to keep going. It’s very frustrating and unfortunately I’m seeing many friends closing their businesses. I’m still good but I need to find new ways of marketing my work – otherwise I won’t be!

Do you have or know of a Quilt Guild magazine that takes adverts? Do you have a favourite magazine that you can recommend advertising in – both online and in print? What about quilt forums that allow advertising? Please message me with any recommendations.

bw cowThe cows are still on my worktable. I put them aside while I looked for a good background fabric. I think I’ve found some and I’m hoping to get to Peppermint Stitches this weekend. Once I get the background fabric sorted Bob’s your Uncle.

Do you have that saying where you live? It’s a bit like ‘she’ll be right mate’ which is very Australian :o> It’s always a bit of a joke in our house, my FIL’s name was Bob LOL.IMG_0373

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Have a lovely weekend everyone. I need to do some serious housekeeping, the dust bunnies are huge and the mess is unspeakable. We won’t mention the mountain of washing that is threatening to take over the laundry. I swear it’s breeding! xxgiveaway




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  • Snowmen quilt so cute -especially fun as we have had a very hot summer!! My week has been filled with catching up as we celebrated my dad’s 90th birthday last weekend. My whole family managed to make it (all 25 of us from 90 to 3 months.). So now ready to get back to sewing -getting ready for a Christmas Showcase that I am one of the presenters for -instruction due in several weeks for the booklet. Enjoy your weekend !!!!

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