Saturday in the Land Down Under.

Good morning lovely people, it’s Saturday here in Oz and I’m about to make a bucket-o-coffee to kickstart my morning.

I’ve had a three day migraine this week so not much work has been done. To make up for my lack of social media posts I’ve put the Land Down Under quilt on super special this weekend. The PDF is $4 and the printed pattern is $11.50 including postage.

Gay has finished her quilt top using the bonus shapes, isn’t it gorgeous! If you want the bonus shapes please message me and I’ll send them separately. The Land Down Undergay thomas aussie quiltI’ve done a little work on a snowman quilt for Christmas. Never fear I will be making a Summer Christmas quilt too, I just felt like making snowmen this week.

Have a brilliant weekend guys, I hope you get some sewing time, toni xx

6 thoughts on “Saturday in the Land Down Under.”

  • I hope you feel better very soon, as in by the time I read this. Down Under is a really fun quilt and I have just ordered it. And there is the download already.

  • Hi
    I hope you are feeling better quickly, migraines are no fun at all.
    I do not get them very often but when I do they are horrid.
    Love the snowman quilt.

  • How horrid to have migraines and a computer design business when all you want is a cool dark room to lie down with no distractions. Have any of these new meds helped? In the US there are so many commercials and print ads for drugs now. Have you tried Botox? I have heard good things about that and migraines. Anyway..thanks for the discount on the Aussie quilt. It seemed like less than a min. after I paid I was able to download. Thanks again. Hope you get relief after reading this long thank you 🙂 Robin

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