Wednesday = Donut Time

Hey y’all, how has your week been? We’re having warm weather again, more Summer-ish than late Autumn; however the days are shorter all of a sudden and the afternoon light is low. Kate and I dropped Kel off at work late this arvo (photo) and half an hour later, when I collected their brother from the train station, it was dark.

donut timeFriday’s neighbourly fire threw us a bit of an anxiety fuelled curveball. It really hammered home how quickly things can go pear-shaped and how fast fire can spread. The fire on Friday didn’t even sound like fire, it sounded like gushing water – we originally went outside to check if the water pipes had burst.


It was surprisingly quick. Mind-boggling quick. If the QFES (Qld Fire and Emergency Services) weren’t patrolling nearby, both houses would’ve been alight within minutes. There wouldn’t have been time to grab the cats, a bag, or anything else. I thought I was prepared, our neighbours light a LOT of fires, but I wasn’t prepared for the speed of it at all.

IMG_0212I’ve spent the past couple of days doing an inventory for the insurance company. Wow guys, have you done an inventory of your house contents lately? Please do, you’ll be surprised how much that everyday stuff – sheets, towels, blankets, toasters – adds up to.

koala quiltToday I finally got to spend some time sewing. Rem decided to borrow my sewing chair, so I ended up sewing standing up LOL. Do you let your pets get away with murder? I’m a big softie and can’t resist that ginger kitty face.

no sewing for you.jpgI’m hoping last week’s drama is now behind us and I can get some work done. After I’ve had my donut of course. Take care lovelies, check your insurance! toni xx

donut and coffee





4 thoughts on “Wednesday = Donut Time”

  • When we thought a hurricane was going to hit us last summer (thank God it didn’t. It hit land 3 hr south of us) we were in a hurry to evacuate so I just started taking pictures, 4 of each room. I realized how much accumulated stuff we collect over 40+ yr of marriage. Most we could live without. It would take me a year to write each thing down. I know it is important but why does it always fall to the women to do the listing???–Robin

  • It’s too frightening to even think how much we have in the house, glad it wasn’t worse. Have you thought about talking severely to Rémi about hogging the best seats? Of course he will just yawn and give the paws. Keep safe

  • Fire is very scary. We had a fire which burnt down the shed and started on the back of the house a number of years ago. You are right, you don’t realise how much the stuff in your house is worth until you have to work out what you have lost and how much it will be to replace it. While I was on the phone to the fire bridage I called to my eldest to get her brothers and sister together and go to the neighbour’s house. She left one of her brothers behind but remembered to take the dog! Luckily I saw him wonder through while I was on the phone and grabbed him. Even now, nearly 30 years later I still go to look for something and then remember that it was lost in the fire. I hope things have quietened down for you. Look after yourself.

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