Pattern Alert! Fishies.

Hey lovelies, it has been brought to our attention that a small amount of the PRINTED Fishy Fishy Fishy patterns have been sold with an incorrect ‘what you will need’ list. This will only affect recent printed pattern purchases.

We just traced the issue back to our last print run and it appears that less than 20 patterns were affected.

However, please check that the requirements list on the back of the pattern is the same as the one on the inside of the pattern and in the cutting instructions. Please contact us for a replacement pattern if yours is one of the patterns affected.

If you have already purchased the fabric, please contact us and we will send you instructions on how to cut it out.

We’re terribly sorry, our printer had the wrong cover sheet.

toni xx

Fishy Fishy Fishy

2 thoughts on “Pattern Alert! Fishies.”

  • Oh dear…that pattern is on my list for this year…well, was hoping…

    I have pattern from 2017-07-21…Is this incorrect or correct version?

    Thanks for letting us know. I havent yet purchased material for this, I expect I will use from my extensive stash 😊

    Thanks again

    Melissa Latter
    Quarter Insanity
    Long Arm Quilting Services
    Let’s finish what you started!


    • Hi Melissa, the pattern should be fine, but as a precaution please check that the requirements lists match, and the cutting instructions reflect the fabrics. We changed the requirements list, due to demand, because batiks are becoming harder to get (a lot of quilt stores no longer stock them) and it was a ‘problem’ for some people. A small amount of patterns were printed with the wrong requirements list and it created a little confusion. If you need an updated pattern please email me at with your postal address. xx

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