Oh Jeez.

So our neighbours just tried to burn our houses down. The only reason our house is still standing is because a roving fire engine saw the plumes of smoke from across the suburb and were here before I could log a 000 call. They, the neighbours, piled their garbage and garden cuttings up against the fence bonfire style, right next to Kelly’s bedroom, doused it in lighter fluid and set it alight. The flames were higher than our double story house. We even had spectators!

The fire brigade and ambos called the police, and the police told us to take it to our local Council, social media or the newspapers. I may have actually yelled at a police officer this afternoon.

There is nothing anyone can do unless a wealthy patron wants to buy us out. Excuse me while I sit and cry. It’s all I can do.



7 thoughts on “Oh Jeez.”

  • So terrible..and it is probably even more terrible that unless you can get them prosecuted you are stuck with them. So pathetic that the law can’t resolve this.
    Big Cyber Hugs and thank goodness for the roving firemen.

  • My God they are neighbours from hell. What’s happening in our society, I just don’t understand how people get away with so much, it’s baffling. I agree it sounds like a premeditated act of arson and /attempted murder. They need to be locked up and the key thrown away. Thinking of you and your family. X

  • I CAN NOT! believe the police can not cite them😮 for arson, 👿attempted arson( not sure that’s a real one), what about attempted murder? Nucense (?sp), endangering others? If it were a cop’s house they would find a lot of violations to give them.

    What about the fire Marshall couldn’t they find laws they crossed? I know in the US they would be fined something BUT if they are fined because you insisted are these people that would retaliate getting more extreme? I would try discussing the incident with them, if that does not work and you can document you tried then do everything plus see a lawyer that they suggested. Call you local news see if they could help you. Are they are very vengfull people for something you did? Maybe just certifiable crazy? If it is one particular person possibly get a 72hr lockup because he/she is a danger to themselves or others.
    Once inside they get a psyc eval and a judge decides if they say or go home. Wow, I’m so afraid for you. Keep us or at least me up to date please! 🔥

  • What could the local council, social media or newspapers possibly do? Surely the intention of the fire makes it a criminal offence.

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