It’s $4 Friday!

Hello lovelies! It’s $4 Friday, so what do we have on special this week? LOADS. It’s bear week!

We have – Best Friends Bears, Honeybee Bears, The Beary Bunch, Fun at the North Pole, Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Panda Party, and Camp Grizzly on special this week.

$4 for the PDF patterns and $11.50 including postage for the printed patterns. The patterns and pins will remain on special for the weekend only, they will revert to full price on Monday AEST.

We’ve also put our gorgeous ‘Little Mermaid’ pins on special. You can grab them for $15 the pair or $7.50 each plus postage. They are seriously cute. The fantastic ‘YAY’ pin on my overalls, plus lots of other pins, can be found here.

To complete our bear theme this week (those mermaids really do look like bears don’t they *cough cough*) you can download the free ‘Little Bears’ pattern here thanks to the lovelies at Thermoweb (the makers of my favourite fusible webbing HeatnBond Lite).


I think that’s it for today. I’m going to grab a coffee and get back to work on those Koala (bears? toni ducks and hides from angry Aussies – because Koalas aren’t bears).

Have a great weekend everyone, toni xx

IMG_0129Ps. don’t forget we are doing the draw for our giveaway on the weekend. You can find the details here. xx


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