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Hi y’all,

How’s things in your neck of the woods? We’re crazy busy here. This semester’s Uni schedule is brutal and we have been on the run seven days a week, dawn til late. It all culminates in Kate, our eldest daughter, heading off to France for a university study tour… and then we can all get some down-time during the mid-year break :o>

For me it means scheduling my work around three different Uni timetables – and five work timetables if you count me and my partner. I know, Mum stuff, but I’m feeling knackered.

koala 1


The weather is finally cooling down as we slide into Autumn. Our few deciduous trees are losing their leaves and the days are getting shorter. I was able to slob around in track pants today. Kate had a study day so we bought giant coffees and made chocolate chip cookies. Bliss!

Anyways to work… I’m slowly putting together a Koala/Aussie animals quilt. As always I’m not sure where this will end up… in the bin, a big quilt, little quilt, or a “what was I thinking it’s huge” quilt. I’ll just keep sewing and see what happens LOL.

koala quilt

Have you come across these printable HeatnBond fusible webbing sheets in your quilting travels? You pop them in your INKJET printer and print your applique shapes. No tracing! There is a catch of course, you need to separate the shapes.



That’s where I’m hoping to come in. I’ve been experimenting with the pug quilt – I’ve separated up the shapes and set them up so all you have to do is pop the right amount of sheets into the printer and then press go!


When I have the pug templates finalised I will add the downloadable file to the listing in the Etsy store. You will be able to use the traditional applique pattern to trace the templates by hand or use the EZ-Print templates to print the shapes directly on the EZ-print fusible webbing.

**If you’ve already purchased the pattern and would like a copy of the printable templates please message me.

bordered exampleI’ll be completely honest with you, I’ve never used these printable sheets – for no other reason than I haven’t had the time. I’ve had some great feedback about them though, and the lovelies in the Red Boot’s Gang are keen to give it a go. I’m also going to have a talk to my friends at Thermoweb to see if we can get some samples to giveaway.

If this is successful, I’ll add the printable templates to all new patterns, and then slowly work my way backwards through the existing patterns. Oversized shapes will still need to be traced by hand.

That’s it from me, Rem wants my seat. Yep, the weather is definitely getting cooler, he wants to snuggle on the lounge. He’s not content with sitting beside me, he wants the warm spot where my butt is, and he will sit and stare until I move. Lucky I’m a big softie and a complete pushover. Have a lovely Monday, toni xx

remzoar pugs

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