The Australian Drop Bear.

Have you heard of a critter called the Australian Drop Bear?

The Australian Museum describes them as “large, arboreal, predatory marsupials related to the koala.”

koala 1

Drop Bears are an Aussie joke. We like to pretend to tourists that our koalas are fearsome creatures that deliberately drop out of trees onto the heads of unsuspecting tourists. Koalas are not the cuddly creatures portrayed in tourism ads though – they fight, snarl, and are wont to pee on you at the zoo.

I’ve been working on a koala quilt for three or four years now. I start, stop, throw it in the bin, and start again. This time around I’m determined to get it finished.

If I add some extra Aussie critters, what ones would you like to see? I’m not sure where I’m heading with this quilt, it may end up being just koalas, but if I add some friends, what would you like to see?

Happy Friday lovelies, toni xx

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flamingo dance 1

7 thoughts on “The Australian Drop Bear.”

  • Toni, Can I come and visit!? Paddlepups in your creek!!!!!! <3<3<3<3

    I was thinking of a kookaburra, but I am not sure how that can be made into a quilt, or a cockatoo?

  • I have a quilt book on Aussie animals I bought because my youngest was so interested in them and I was going to make a quilt. He is 37yr now….He never got the quilt.
    **Now yours would be much cuter & friendlier. I believe Americans would love it especially if you throw in a boomerang and an Aussie hat! Here’s cheering you on!

  • When my uncle came to Australia from Scotland we couldn’t convince him that it was safe to walk under a tree. He thought that the koalas were going to drop on him if he walked past the park. We were in the middle of Melbourne and there were no gum trees where he was walking.
    I think he needs a wombat and an emu to be his friends.

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