Early morning in a small blue house…

Picture this…  early morning in a small blue house in suburban Australia. A harried looking woman is standing in her lounge room, she’s on the phone to her Telco trying to sort out her non-existent internet connection.

She frowns, realising something isn’t right. Her feet are wet. It takes a minute to register. WET!?!

Picture this only a few minutes later… an extra harried looking woman has a phone to each ear, the Telco on one, the SES on the other.

She hears the front door open and turns to find a policewoman standing behind her. She frowns again, not believing what’s she seeing. The policewoman speaks, “Ma’am we’re here about your neighbours”.



  • you’re supposed to laugh, we are!
  • still no internet connection.
  • our skylight was badly damaged in a storm that knocked out the power and the internet but we didn’t find out until we had torrential rain on Monday night.
  • our neighbours like to try and kill each other every so often.
  • SES = State Emergency Service, who put a tarp over the hole in our roof to stop our lounge room becoming an Olympic sized swimming pool.

19 thoughts on “Early morning in a small blue house…”

  • So … just another typical day at your place! :0P Gotta keep laughing or you’d end up featured on the evening news … for sending telco reps to your neighbours then giggling insanely at the clash. :0) Stay dry … ish!! ;0) Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

  • Oh no, what more can they throw at you?????? You can cry on my shoulder tomorrow. Have the neighbours killed each other yet?

    • They tried to, apparently a stabbing (?!) The police wanted to know whether we heard anything happen. We’ve got a tarp on the roof, thank you SES, and a tradie is supposed to be coming out to repair/replace the skylight and damaged flashing. All good. Felt pretty stressed last night, but you’ve got to laugh at the stuff that happens to us LOL. I blame the bad karma next door :oD

  • Oh no Toni & it’s still raining here in Brisbane. Hope everything turns out ok. I guess you just have to put it down to one of lifes “little” inconveniences.

    • It’s been bucketing down all morning ROFLOL. Thankfully the lovelies at the SES came to our rescue and we can relax and wait for a tradie. Surprisingly there is little damage beyond everything being wet. A new skylight and flashing will do the trick.xx

  • Firstly yes you have to laugh or the alternative may see the police there for a different reason LOL. Secondly your telco should be paying for the data used on your mobile whilst you are without internet, ours did but most importantly go to the ombudsman straight away and action will start happening.

    • Hey Jo, the Telco won’t reimburse us for the data used, they are quite adamant about that. According to them it’s not their problem LOL. We escalated the issue to the Ombudsman a few days ago. The Telco has 10 days to respond before we can take it further. I did get our Federal MP involved and his office is following it up too. xx

      • Well I would be definitely pursuing the data usage with the ombudsman. That is not fair, you are trying to run a business. Maybe time to look at other telcos when this is resolved. Good luck

  • Guess you can never truthfully say your life is boring!! 😉😉 Seriously, hope your roof is fixed soon and the cost is COMPLETELY covered under your insurance policy!

    • It’s never boring ROFLOL. It’s not worth the insurance this time around, it’s cheaper for us to fix it independently. By the time we take into consideration the penalties for making a claim, it would cost twice the price if we made a claim :o<<

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