Going Grizzly.

Happy Monday lovelies! I made great progress on the pugs this weekend, I should be finished the top by the end of the week. Then I’m planning on tackling the giraffe quilt.

We are still without an internet connection and I’m desperately saving what little is left of our data allowance on my cell phone. We can top up, but it’s hellishly expensive to do so.


Eeek! I just did some math. We pay $80 for 1000GB on our home plan, but it costs $10 for 1GB on the mobile phone. It would cost $10,000 to have the same amount of access on our mobile. Dear God, surely I’m mistaken!

Time to go all Camp Grizzly on their butts!

Don’t forget that our weekend specials end today. ‘Space Quest‘ is up for $5 and ‘Our House‘ is $4 (PDF only). You have a few hours to grab a copy at these cheap-as-chips prices!

Have a fun day everyone! toni xx

3 thoughts on “Going Grizzly.”

  • The cell phone and internet stuff amazes me…they have it all wrapped up neatly and it costs us all huge $$$$$$

  • So sorry for all your internet problems -good grief 😕 Love the pugs and the giraffes! Hope your internet fixed soon !!!!

  • Have you complained to the ombudsman? It isn’t good enough to be without internet for so long, especially when your business is run through it. Do you have access to free internet at the library? Ours has unlimited internet time if you take your own laptop. It’s time to start jumping up and down.

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