The Twilight Zone.

Hi y’all, we’re still without an internet service, however $4 Friday will be on tomorrow. We’ll be doing our February Therm O Web giveaway draw in a few days time too. I’m using my mobile to log in, but it’s not great, so please be patient. If you need to contact me for something, please send an email to It’s easier to access messages that way and it doesn’t use too much of our meagre mobile data allowance.

Our service provider can’t tell us when we’ll be reconnected, they are being quite shifty about the whole thing grrr! If anyone knows a Telstra executive who I can kick up the butt about it, let me know LOL.

Take care, I’ll log in tomorrow and upload the $4 Friday deals. toni xx


2 thoughts on “The Twilight Zone.”

  • When your internet finally comes back on, be sure to demand a HUGE refund from your internet company!! There’s no excuse!!! LOVE your creativity!! Do you have some extra to share?? 🙂

  • So sorry to hear of your loss of the internet, I understand your frustration completely! 😡 On a brighter note I absolutely love this puppy quilt!!! 😃 💜 Stay strong!

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