Scrappy Bunnies.

Hi y’all, are you watching the Winter Olympics? What are your favourite events? I don’t think there are any that I don’t like.

The Scrappy Bunnies pattern has been updated and uploaded to our Etsy and Craftsy stores.

scrappy-bunnies-2The old pattern is almost the same as this one. The new one is a little larger, and has a scarf and template for a pair of glasses. It’s been redone to update the photos and bring the diagrams and layout into line with the newer patterns.

scrappy bunny oldI felt some of the old spark return this week, which I’m extremely grateful for. Remaking the bunnies has helped enormously in my getting back to work. The pugs are next on the agenda.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies. We’re stripping and repainting the ceilings. There are sixty years of paint to remove. It’s not pretty! toni xx



2 thoughts on “Scrappy Bunnies.

  1. We’re in Olympics-avoidance mode. Very few I like to watch & they show little of them … & I can’t cope with the guff in between & copious replays. So … Apple TV is our friend at the moment. Couldn’t tell you when we last watched free to air. Helping solve murders in Midsomer & Saint Maree. :0) Glad your mojo is back. Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

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