January + New Monthly Giveaway

Hello lovelies, can you believe it’s the end of January already? I had so much planned for this month and then the January blahs took over.

I’ve been (slowly) working on a space quilt, a pug quilt, a giraffe quilt, an update to the Honeybee Bears quilt, and a new ABC quilt. I’m hoping that I have all five finished before the end of February.

As you might remember, last year we closed our Birthday Club due to internet (ro)bots. This year we have decided to give our monthly giveaways another chance and do them differently. There are two ways you can enter the prize draw.

Firstly you can become a member of The Red Boots Gang which is our Facebook Group. This is a closed group where you can chat, ask questions, and generally have a bit of fun.
Please pop on over, join up, and say hi!

As a member you will be automatically entered in our monthly giveaways. I’ll draw a winner from the member’s list on the last day of every month and notify them via messaging.

The second way to win is to subscribe to our newsletter. We are planning on sending (2) newsletters a month in 2018 so your inbox won’t be spammed. I’ll draw a winner from the subscriber’s list on the last day of every month and notify them via email.

This month’s prize pack consists of (1) 1.25 yard pack of HeatnBond Lite plus (1) pack of Pressing Sheets. One pack will be given away to each group. Good Luck!

Thermoweb Giveaway

I know that some of you must be wondering why I’ve haven’t included our standard Facebook page, blog, and Instagram accounts in the giveaway draws. The answer is very simple, it’s extremely time consuming and confusing to run the giveaways across so many platforms and I can’t afford a prize (or the postage) for each platform. By consolidating the entry points to two platforms so much of my time is freed for sewing and you receive a better quality prize pack.

Why do I have so many social media accounts? Well it’s not by choice LOL, it’s a requirement of working in this business. Did you know that I have to report my social media numbers to the businesses/publishers I work with. It’s a vital and compulsory part of my work. It does however mean I can’t please everybody despite wanting to, I hope you all understand.

I hope your January hasn’t been too hot, too cold, or too full of the blahs. toni xx

7 thoughts on “January + New Monthly Giveaway”

  • oh my gosh you have been busy and with such fun quilts Toni….. its been hot and this cool change that came in last night has been so welcome….

  • I sympathize with you Antonie about January; this year at least. Normally I’d be happy since my birthday is in January, and then 5 days after my birthday is my twin’s birthdays. So, yea the first half of the month was ok, but then it’s been all downhill from there. I pulled a muscle in my upper rib area and have been in horrible pain since it hurts whenever I breathe or move at all and then coughing has been excruciating and sleeping? HA! NO sleeping most nights. If I do sleep then I’m waking about every hour with muscle spasms in the area I pulled that muscle so I wake screaming.

    I am SOOOOOOOOOO ready for February.

  • So glad January is on the way out! (Been way too cold -30* here in southern Alberta)
    Your projects all look bright & cheery and something we all can look forward too? 🙂

  • We’ve had the January Blahs as well. Hopefully the moon trifecta tonight will move all the blahs out and make way for fabulousness in February!

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