Space Giraffe

Hi guys, another week has flown by and I’m still trying to get motivated. I’m working, but it’s coming in fits and starts. Everything is fine and I’ll be back on track soon; all of those 2am finishes in December took their toll and I’m not quite back on top of things yet.

I have giraffes, rockets, and pugs on my work table this week. I need a shopping trip to Peppermint Stitches to buy some more background fabric, I’m down to scraps in my stash.

My sweet boy turned 21 today. Twenty-one! I’m not sure where the time has gone.


You know how they say never work with kids and animals? Kate found this on her phone. Rem is the devil when it comes to quilts. If I put a quilt on the floor, he does this (even without the laser). Have a lovely weekend everyone, toni xx

3 thoughts on “Space Giraffe”

  • Take it as it comes -if you need a break -take it -your body is telling you it needs a short slow down. My friends who know me so well would laugh at this comment -they would tell you I am great at giving advice and terrible following said advice 😊😊 Love cat video -we don’t have cats but my two 90 lb. Labs think a laid out quilt is the perfect place to lay down !!

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