Saturday night live…


Hi y’all, how’s the weather at your place? It’s hot and humid here, unpleasantly so. Did you know that Sydney was the hottest place in the world last week? We haven’t quite reached those temperatures (and I truly hope we don’t this Summer) but it’s hot enough to be uncomfortable. It’s heading towards midnight and we’re still soaked with sweat. Yuck.

I’ve been playing around with 4in Sawtooth Star blocks today. I think they are going to look good in this quilt. You really can’t tell if a component will work in a design until it’s are made. They look good in my sketch, but frequently when you transfer a design from paper to the real thing everything falls apart.

I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend, it’s time for a cool shower and some sleep for me. Tomorrow is going to be a doozy apparently, even hotter than today. xx


3 thoughts on “Saturday night live…”

  • Finally cold here in NC – we actually had *snow*! not a common occurrence here – Closed schools, etc. for a few days. Amazing how different ones perspective can be. I grew up in Ohio, where snow (ice) is much more common. I only remember a small handful of days when school was closed when I lived there…3 feet of snow with ice and we were still walking to school (about 2 miles). I do not miss it in the slightest! One crazy thing they do here is when bad weather is forecast,everyone goes to get 1) milk and 2) bread?? It is the weirdest thing…We usually just need the basics, not because the weather will be bad, but because we are running out! LOL. I wish you cool, without scary storms. <3

  • I think we all need to find a happy medium…we got about 5-6″ of snow last night! I’ll be cleaning, doing laundry and sewing all day. At least I don’t have to go anywhere today!! 🙂

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