And the winner is… drum roll please…



Good morning everyone!

I printed out all of the entries and had my visitors read them over breakfast. They unanimously picked the winner. A huge, wild things congratulations goes to BRENDA whose favourite memory had them spitting their coffee over the entries!

My favourite Christmas memory is… I vividly recall my sister and I getting up in the middle of the night, after our parents fell asleep, to peek at our Christmas presents under the tree by unwrapping small portions. Much to our dismay, we were unable to get a sneak peek because this particular Christmas our parents had our gifts wrapped and “canned” and a can opener was required to open the gift. These were large cans!! We ran to back to bed, and kept quiet about our plot. 
Later, as adults, we confessed and learned that our parents knew all along as they noticed the tears in the wrapping paper and the gobs of tape to repair the tears–from the previous Christmas. Our parents told us they most certainly were aware of our mischief and vowed to teach us patience for the following year–and they most certainly did!! That was the year of the “canned gifts.” We still get a chuckle out of this one.

Thank you to everyone who entered. We thoroughly enjoyed reading your favourite memories, the funny ones, the sad, the sweet, and the (OMG) bad.



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