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As a thank you for all your support during 2017, I am doing an end of year Christmas giveaway, the prize being the ‘Wild Things’ quilt from my ‘Happy Quilts’ book.

There are no hoops to jump through, simply tell me your favourite Christmas memory to win. Your comment must be left on this blog post.

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Entries close midnight Christmas Day 2017. The prize will be drawn 10am 26th December, 2017. Giveaway open to Australian and international entries.


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30 thoughts on “Wild Things Quilt Giveaway!”

  • My favorite Christmas memory was when my mom was sick for over a year with stage 4 brain cancer, and she asked us to all come in the room because she had something to tell us. I got scared and thought the worst, but They got all of the cancer. This was several years ago and my mom has brain cancer again. I love Christmas, because every year, I get to spend it with my mom who was told she had a year to live and surpassed it. This time they told her 6 months. My mom is strong and Christmas reminds me of everything she fought for.

  • Last week at December, 13th when your giveaway startet my first grandson was born. In a few days a second grandson will be born! I think that will be my sweetest Christmas memory ever : at Christmas time two newborn babys in our family!

  • l remember one christmas morning waking before everyone was up and seeing l had a doll’s wardrobe basket and doll we weren’t a wealthy family and l loved everything l got.

  • My favourite Christmas was last year when for the first time we had a specific theme – PINK! Everyone had to wear something pink, pink decorations were set up, even the food was pink (including Grandma’s delicious pavlova). We have a Nutcracker theme this year and I can’t wait!

  • My family opened presents Christmas Eve. To keep all of us busy so Santa could leave presents, my dad would drive us around town looking at Christmas lights. Mom and one of the brothers stayed home and set all the presents out. It still makes me happy to see Christmas decorations and lights.

  • Being about 7 years old and getting up with my brother about 4am and quietly opening all our presents and playing with them. Mum getting up and asking what we were doing. I said we didn’t want to wake them up. I didn’t understand at the time when she said she wanted to see us open them – we thought we were helping by letting them sleep. Lol!

    • Decorating the tree was always my favorite part. I love reminiscing about each ornament as It is placed on the tree. We have so many handmade ornaments that each one has a story. I also love lying under the tree at night and looking up through the benches to see all the dancing lights.

  • My favourite memory was last Christmas when our three not-so-little Children gave us a Christmas gift that will be, for us, hard to beat. They gave us a combined gift but also went on to tell us why we deserved it because we put them first always. Each took turns in saying what they were most grateful for us doing for them and then they thanked us. It took a long time and they are amazing kids who truly surprised us. I was in tears (I rarely cry) because there were so many things I didn’t even realised they had noticed. It is truly the little things that mean the most. I lost my Dad suddenly this year and I only wish I could have done something like that for him. The best gift/memory doesn’t have to cost a cent.

  • My favourite Christmas memory was wondering each year how long it would take for my little brother to pull off the sparkly chocolate decorations and topple the tree ….

  • My favorite memory was the first Christmas I remember as a child. My Father worked shift work and he made a deal with the person he was relieving to coming in late since it was my first true Christmas I would remember… It was wonderful, all the toys and the joy of it. My father passed away 8 years ago and still to this day I think about that Christmas.
    And I got my first Barbie doll..

  • My favourite memory is of the year that our family dog managed to get the remainder of the turkey off the kitchen bench! (he was short, & the bench was not – it was quite the gymnastic feat!)
    We had enjoyed a delicious meal & were relaxing outside with cold drinks, when Mum shrieked & began all sorts of tactics to get Dog to relinquish his spoils! There was bits of shredded turkey in every room of the house; so after Dad managed to retrieve the turkey, Mum got out the vacuum… much to the confusion of our guests & some neighbours who could hear the hoover. We still laugh about it every year!

  • This is a fun give away. Thanks, Toni. My specially memory is of the time when our children were 2 an 4. They had helped wrap gifts and were very excited to be giving them to family members. They had not worked out that they were getting gifts in return. It was so lovely to see them enjoying giving to others. But the bonus was the delight on their faces when they received gifts, too. Pure innocent joy.

  • Debra - outback crafter

    My favourite memory is of Christmas mornings around the tree in our pajamas. Just our family unit. Sleepy eyes and touselled hair. 🎄

  • I’m 63, when I was 7 my mother made a dress for my doll and a dress for me that matched,red dotted Swiss. I felt so special, and beautiful.

  • Well its not a happy memory but i did love teasing my mum with the story which of course she denies. It was the year that we all got bikes for Christmas 5 bikes in total and all ten speed racers (remember when they were the in thing) anyway my birthday is the 8th of December and my mum pulled me aside and told me that we all had got bikes for Christmas except me i got the front wheel for my birthday present and the rest of the bike for Christmas. Imagine when my brother and sisters asked me what i got for my 13th birthday and i could say nothing as i was sworn to secrecy. However i did love teasing my mum. It was funny how she would tell me over and over again that she would never have done something like that. I miss her

  • I have several great memories, but the one I will share happened 53 years ago when my husband and I were having our 2nd Christmas together with my extended family at my grandparents house. As my aunt, uncle, and cousins came in carrying their things, my aunt told me that my 3 or 4 year old cousin had wrapped his favorite toy for us. That turned out to be a broken clock. As we unwrapped it, he stood right in front of me dancing from foot to foot. When we thanked him, he said in his sweet Alabama accent, “I knew you’d like it.” Years later that story embarrassed him, but that clock remains one of my favorite gifts.

  • My favourite Christmas memory is playing card games in the evening with my Grandparents, in front of their roaring fire🔥

  • My parents have both passed away within the past 2 years so holidays are still hard for me. My favorite memory is getting together with the whole family and eating and visiting. With a huge extended family you would think it would be all the gifts that were given out, but no, it was just spending time!

  • Oh, how I love this quilt! The colors, the monsters, the smiles are all so awesome! My favorite Christmas memory is from 1987 when my son was just 2 months old. He was a colicky baby and cried almost every waking moment. There were only 2 times that he was adorably quiet. One was while he was in the baby bathtub (he was a VERY clean baby!) and the other was when I laid him beneath the lit Christmas tree. His eyes would fixate upon the glowing bulbs and he was mesmerized! We kept that tree up til mid-January 1988!

  • I don’t have a best Christmas memory. I gave memories of a lot of food, sneaking the stocking at 4AM, the family all together, and my father giving out the gifts. He always made sure each of us was opening something so no one felt left out.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • My favorite And most memorable Christmas was the last one on our farm in Iowa in 1969. It was a magical morning with all the trees covered in thick white frost which glistened in the sun. Our family went to an early church service and then home for a fun day of presents and food. My Dad rented the land out to be farmed and worked as a manager of the Ford plant. We had spent 6 years remodeling the turn of the century farm house and it was finally completed. Little did we know it would be our last Christmas because my Dad was transferred to Detroit in January .

  • On a very cold and snowy Christmas Eve my husband and I drove to St Ann’s hospital while listening to the Christmas music on the radio play Silent Night. I gave birth to my daughter at 6:40am Christmas Morning! Best Christmas ever!

  • My favorite memory is of my husband finishing up a kitchenette he built for our kids in the living room in our house on Christmas Eve. The temperature had dropped and it was late, he brought the sander and all in the house. Not one of my 3 woke up. We still laugh about it 30yrs later.

  • I remember one year that my dad took us to Santas Village up in the mountains of Calif. Snow, reindeer, elves and wookshops all over. And of course Santas house where we visted him and Mrs. Claus gave us hot cocoa and cookies.

  • For the first time skating on the ice with my 3 kids and husband in Winter Wonderland on the Vrijthof in Maastricht. Almost everyone was having their diner or was cooking it, so we were all alone. Enough place to practice and enjoy it in a beautiful Christmas environment.

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