A Wild Giveaway…

Hi y’all, how was your weekend? I spent mine working off a case of the Christmas-time blues. We jumped in the car first thing Saturday morning, drove to the South side of the city and picked up our Christmas ham, went plant shopping, and bought some Korean Soju (Sake). Oh, and I found some chocolate coated coffee beans that are so divinely delicious I can’t stop eating them!


Then I re-potted our cactus, divided the succulents, dug up and transplanted an heirloom rose, and generally got hot and sweaty. I think it did the trick, I’m feeling a lot better tonight.


I had hoped to get the ‘My Family’ pattern finished on Friday, but I didn’t (obviously LOL). At this stage I’m thinking tomorrow night or sometime Tuesday. This pattern will absorb the ‘Best Friends’ pattern and have the added instructions for a dad, little brother, little sister, and baby dolls. They are quick, easy to make, and loads of fun. I’m thinking of adding some moustache shapes to the pattern for Dad LOL.

group shot smallAs a thank you for all your support during 2017 I am doing an end of year Christmas giveaway, the prize being the ‘Wild Things’ quilt from my ‘Happy Quilts’ book. Amazon is out-of-stock of the book, but Book Depository still has copies. Details about the giveaway to come…


Did I tell you I recently received my first royalty cheque for the book? Almost three years after I first started writing it, I got a cheque for $97. $97 for a full year’s work ROFLOL. The funniest bit is that the cheque bounced!! It took too long getting to me via snail mail, so it was cancelled. No, actually the funniest bit (or most depressing depending on how you look at it) was that the bank took a $25 fee for processing it, so I’m actually -$25 out of pocket ROFLOL.

I hope you all have a fantastic week-to-come. I hope that all of you who live in SoCal are safe from the fires. We’re all thinking of you. Stay safe, toni xx

9 thoughts on “A Wild Giveaway…”

  • It’s shameful Toni your book is full of amazing, bright, funny, joyful patterns and ideas. I am quite ill and it’s giving me so much purpose and happiness to sew each stitch on The Windy Hill Farm Quilt from your book. I smile at the Farm animals coming to life slowly but surely. Can’t wait to give to my G’son thank you Toni. You deserve much better. Have a very Happy Christmas and New Year. If like my family and I think you are, we may lack money and have more than our share of hard times but have Love for each other that’s more important. x

  • Love the Wild Things quilt. I am searching for the book. Saw a copy in Joann, but when I got around to picking it up it was snapped up by another quilter. Such is my luck. My granddaughters would love your dolls.

  • I love your potted succulents and the sound of chocolate coffee beans…. It’s great that one of the booksellers has actually run out …. and wonderful that you are now amongst the RICH and famous!!! go you!!!! xx

  • Hey Toni! Retail therapy always helps us feel better. :0) Eye-rolling over the ongoing saga of actually getting paid for your hard work on the GORGEOUS Happy Quilts book. The monster quilt is pretty darn cute … & maybe having it on my bed would keep the monster-in-the-cupboard in line! :0) Have a fab week! Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

  • Seriously…that’s just crazy. Sounds like online patterns on your own are a much better way to do from now on.
    We love you and your designs!!!

  • That is just horrible about that check. With so much being on computers now, it’s surprising they don’t issue payment via the internet. I would surely call them and complain about that check and additional payment that was required in order to process it AND the fact they had cancelled your check on top of that. That stinks! 🙁

    That quilt is So cute. I just love the bright colors in that quilt, and all the things you make.

    It sounds like you’re making some cute improvements on the Best Friends Doll pattern. Will you offer those who have already purchased the original pattern a discount to purchase the updated pattern? Don’t feel bad if you have to say no. I just thought I’d ask because I purchased the pattern earlier this year.

    Good luck with that check/bank mess. I hope the problem will be corrected so you can get that HUGE royalty payment rather than to get the huge fees instead.

  • Well, that just stinks! Big time! Not much of a royalty to being with, then have to pay a processing fee for a bounced check! Better things are waiting for you around the corner, for sure! Happy Holidays to you and your wild things!

  • Glad you are feeling better .😊 Sorry about the check mix up. Wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy, calm and successful 2018 🎉🎉

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