It’s snowing in Paris…

It snowed in Paris overnight. Oh how I’d love to be in Paris in the snow, especially at Christmas. I’d like to experience a cold Christmas, just once, to see what it’s like. Do you feel more Christmassy when it’s cold?

snow in parisOur Christmases are hot and humid, full of sunshine, occasionally stormy. We have BBQ’s, go to the beach, sweat buckets cooking traditional roasts in roasting hot kitchens. We slurp seafood and quaff ice-cold bubbly drinks.

Ironically the last time I was in Paris it was in the middle of a heat wave and it was hotter than Australia. We were stuck on a bus in the middle of Parisian suburbia, nearly fainting from the heat, not sure whether we’d make it to our destination alive. The bus driver refused to turn the air-conditioning on until another Parisian let fly with a few choice French curses and hand gestures LOL.

surfing santaIf I can’t have Paris maybe London or New York will do the trick? There are a lot of ex-pat Brits where we live and they laugh at my longing for a cold Christmas. They’ve embraced the Summer weather, saying it’s better than being cold and wet. But I’m not convinced. I mean look at those photos!

london christmasnew york christmasMaybe it’s just a case of the grass is always greener? What’s it like where you live, do you occasionally dream of experiencing a completely different Christmas to the ones you are used to? If you could take your family with you anywhere in the world, just once, where would you go? Would you head for the snow or for the beach? A country retreat or an international city?

bondi christmasOur own Christmas tree is still sitting bare except for a few lonely lights. Everyone has been working late-into-the-night Christmas hours and none of us have been home together in weeks. It’s not that we need to be in each other’s presence to decorate the tree, but there are always hurt feelings if I do it by myself.

It’s also that time of the year when we wind down for the Christmas break. I don’t really take any time off, but I’ll be glad for some slower days over the next few weeks. It has been a long year, rough at times, brilliant at others. Life in general.

farmhouse daisies

This week has been spent catching up with outstanding paperwork and deep cleaning my workspace and equipment. The Fishy Fishy Fishy and Farmhouse Daisies quilt patterns have been updated to include colour diagrams and templates, bringing them into line with the 2017 coloured patterns.

fishy fishy fishyI’m not sure what I’ll make next, I’ve been thinking about cows a lot lately LOL. Scrap Bin Cows maybe?

Can you fill in a quick survey for me, it will help me design better projects in the new year. You can select multiple responses if you like. Thank you! I’ve just realised it’s heading on for midnight, the old Cary Grant movie I put on has ended, and it’s time for bed, nite all, toni xx


You can still pick up a bargain in our Etsy store. Patterns are 30% off until the 3rd December. And speaking of bargains, the ‘Happy Quilts’ book is still available in most bookstores. 20 patterns for around $20. Bargain city!




4 thoughts on “It’s snowing in Paris…”

  • Christmas is Christmas whereever we are…. I hate that the familyis so spread out but at least with internet we can all make contact on the day and share our heat … or cold…


  • I had a white Christmas in England when I was 18. It was a wonderful Christmas. Even though an Australian Christmas is normal to me the white one just felt ‘right’.

  • I feel your pain Toni. I live in southern FL and December/Christmas here is usually still quite warm and humid. It never quite feels like the holidays here for me but I do LOVE the tropical Christmas decorations people do here. It never stops amazing me and I never get tired of seeing all of the palm trees decorated and lit up.

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