The Kennel Club.

Hi guys, I nearly didn’t get this uploaded again, we’re currently in the ER with number one son and his suspected broken foot :oP

“The Kennel Club” is now in the Etsy shop, and it’s on special until Monday for the super cheap price of Aud$5 for the PDF pattern and $14.50 for the printed pattern including free shipping (*plus appropriate taxes for your area).

They are also available in our WordPress store (use the menu to navigate the site).


As promised, the lovelies at Therm-o-Web have sent us a box of products to giveaway with the Halloween “A Spooky Sleepover” pattern release. You don’t have to jump through hoops to win, just leave a comment on this post or on the Facebook post for your chance to win.

Toni Halloween Giveaway

There is (1) gift voucher from Therm O Web to giveaway plus (6) lucky dip bags full of super products including deco foil, HeatnBond Lite, HeatnBond Stretch (for tshirts!), printed patterns and (2) will have a Henry Pin in them!

You can download the “Spooky Sleepover” and “Ghosts and Ghouls” free patterns here.

I’ve put the pumpkin on a t-shirt, but haven’t had the chance to photograph it. I suppose I could drape it over the end of a ER gurney and take an arty piccy of it LOLz. The HeatnBond Soft Stretch is really amazing – and it’s soft, noticeably softer than the HeatnBond Lite. You can use it on quilts too.

Did you know I’ve set up a Facebook group called “The Red Boots Gang” where you can hang out and share piccies and projects and stuff? Pop on over and sign up, it’s still in it’s infancy but I’m hoping you will enjoy being there. You are welcome to chat about other projects (other than Red Boots) but I ask that you keep politics and religion out of the chat – it’s a guaranteed way to start a Facebook flame war.


I’m sure there was something else but we’re being called to Xray. Take care, toni xx

13 thoughts on “The Kennel Club.”

  • Hop your son is doing Great! Prayers for quick & easy Healing!! I looooove your Patterns,,have several I purchased & freebies too!! Ooooh yes..can’t forget your AWESOME Book!! (folks reading my comment..GET this FUN BOOK!! You won’t be sorry ) Ohio Hugs!! 😀

  • Thermo Web products are the best, aren’t they? I admire all of your work and thank you for sharing these patterns!

  • What a bummer about your son! Keep us informed. I am so thrilled to have found your site, you are such an amazing designer! I downloaded both “Ghosts and Ghouls” and Spooky Sleepover” yesterday! Both of these quilt patterns are so funtastic, I will be making one each for my Project Linus Guild and then I also have a few Nephews and Nieces that will be “totally….jumping up and down” excited to get these quilts for their birthdays this next year. I do use a lot of fusible it would be so fabulous to win any of these give away packages! Thank you for the opportunity! Plus, I do hope you have a great day!

  • Hi Toni, I am new to you site, a friend told me about your blog. I love the vibrant colours that you use in your quilts. I purchased the witches pattern a few days ago and can’t wait for a spare moment to make my 3 granddaughters one each. Cheers Lenore

  • I hope your son recovers quickly! Thank you for the cute quilt patterns and giveaway. I took a look at some of your other patterns and I am going to make each of my 4 granddaughters a jingle mug rug.

  • I am sorry to hear about #1 son…I hope all comes out well for you-all! I love your pattern, but I hope you already know that from me. You don’t need to add me to the give-away, but I wanted to take the opportunity to say “Thank you!” for all you do for us. <3

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