Not so spooky pumpkins…

A sneaky peek of my new freebie Halloween project brought to you by the lovelies at Therm-o-Web. This project is for the little guys in your life, the pumpkins are friendly spooky pumpkins because who wants candy-fuelled nightmares!

I’ll have some great giveaways to go with the launch next week. Stay tuned! xx




  1. I can see a lot of hard work you put in thescary pumpkins. I took a little sneak peak.
    I am very appreciative for all you do every day behind the scenes preparing so that you can reveal something exciting to your followers
    I just wanted to say, you truly are a talented instructor. You teach me and encourage me to give “it” a whirl with each project.
    Cant wait to see the spookey (adorable) pumpkins next week.
    Monica in Ohio