Down time.

Hi y’all, I’m offline for a couple of days. I’ve been feeling a bit off, thought it was Spring induced asthma, but I have a chest and sinus infection. I’ve been so busy I didn’t even notice I was running a fever LOL.

I’m on strict rest until I prove I’m not developing pneumonia LOL. Back soon, toni xx

sick toni

8 thoughts on “Down time.”

  • So sorry !!! Try to enjoy this mandatory down time by doing something you really enjoy -read, watch movies, daydream. Feel better soon 😊😊 Debbi

  • Take care of yourself!
    You’re not alone if that helps, although my problem isn’t from Spring, but more from Fall and the crud that gets moved around the house once the furnace is turned on the first few times. It’s not that cold, but a few days it has been quite chilly in the house. I have a voice that’s been playing hide and seek with me for two weeks now. I never know when I open my mouth to speak if I’ll have a voice or not. LOL Embarrassing when making a phone call to a business, which yes, that happened when I had to call my local Viking store about my software. oops.

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