Tiny Princesses.

It seems an eternity since I was working on the “Happy Quilts” book. Tiny Princesses is still one my favourites from the book. So sweet and happy.

You can use the templates from the Super Heroes quilt to add some handsome princes to the Tiny Princesses. From memory you will need to print the templates for the boys a tiny bit bigger to fit.


The Snuggle Bears quilt and soft toy is also from the “Happy Quilts” book. Snuggle bears is the perfect size for nap time cuddles! You can easily replace the flowers with stars for a more masculine quilt.

Hound Dogs is another favourite from the book. Who doesn’t love snuggling with man’s best friend?

hound dog
Hound Dogs

“Happy Quilts” is still available at Amazon, and in good book stores everywhere. You can find more stockists here. It’s great value for money and has loads of projects to make and love.

happy quilts with frame

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