Sunny Sunday…

and the snakes are awake! Get a load of this one, she was in our back garden this morning looking for food. She is almost 3 metres long (about 3 1/4 yards) and as thick, or thicker, than my hubby’s bicep and perfectly capable of eating one of our kitties for breakfast!

big snake 1big snake 3

I’ve been working on this…

oblong star

and celebrating Kel’s 17th Birthday.

birthday kel

I have limited internet access for the next two-three weeks. I can only log into mail for a few minutes twice a day. I’ll do my best to keep up with everything. Thanks for your understanding.

Have a lovely week, toni xx

big snake 2


  1. I wouldn’t be going anywhere near your yard if you have snakes like that out there. Send them next door.

  2. LOVE! Keep the kitties inside. I just saw two “glass” lizards in the yard – legless lizards – each about 1/2m. Very sweet things. Not going to eat the kitties, sure to eat the big bugs in the back yard. 💕 (North Carolina)