Cat v. Dog

I feel the same way about these dogs as Rem does. Why are there dogs on my table and what the heck am I going to do with them?

Total. Creative. Block.

rem 2


9 thoughts on “Cat v. Dog”

  • Love your Dogs so far, I love the shapes they look like they need a cuddle already. Maybe Cats as well not sure. You’ll sort it and I’m positive it will be a Fun Quilt as always 😊

  • My cats always told me I could pet as many dogs as I liked, as long and I NEVER brought one home with me. But your dogs are cute.

  • Hmmm … Maybe Cat Vs Dog is a good concept to run with for the quilt … Balance the puppies (which I LOVE!) with a Persian, a Siamese & a snarky ginger cat. :0P I’d love to see that quilt & you’d catch both sides of the age old argument. :0D Bear Hugs! (From Team Dog!!) KRIS xx

  • You are going to continue and make a cute border collie block. You are getting sleepy. You will achieve this. When I count to 3 you will wake up and be done.

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