Christmas in July with Turkey Dressing.

christmas cracker

Happy End of Christmas in July!

In between painting the lounge room walls, again, I finished the patterns for the “Santa’s House 2” and “Reindeer Games” quilt patterns. They’ve been uploaded to our Etsy store for the special introductory price of $5.00 (plus whatever taxes your State, County, or Country is charging at the moment).



How was your weekend? The local tribe of scrub turkeys (wild native turkeys) got into our Winter bulbs, annuals, and succulents and we’ve had to re-plant twice this weekend. Everything has been netted, wired, and generally turkey-proofed I hope – fingers crossed – otherwise they may end up trussed, stuffed, and cooked!


They are making nest mounds and even though the babies are the cutest things you will ever see running about the yard, they are super destructive when it comes to gardens. Bless their destructive little hearts. Have a fun week, t. xx

6 thoughts on “Christmas in July with Turkey Dressing.”

  • Hi Toni we have just printed out Santa’s House 2 and Reindeer Games, thank you. I love them both but have you ever considered doing an Australian Christmas Quilt. Sadly missing an example here in Australia I would love to make for my grandchildren. I’m sure you would have enormous fun designing this. Also do you have a Full photo of Fishy Fishy Fishy please as I have the print out but can’t see full design. Thanks and I hope all is well with you. Always something happening in your life. Never a dull moment 🙂

  • I love your new Christmas quilts…. so bright and cheerful! Scrub turkeys are fun to watch – a bit silly and make a mess of gardens… the invastion of humans hasn’t helped! haha…. good luck with fixing up the garden!! PS my favourite part of roast turkey is the thigh…

  • Love the quilts! Yep! I’m also doing battle with a scrub turkey at the moment. I’m ‘losing’ though, with two veggie beds destroyed and some plants have completely disappeared so I can’t replant them. I’ve used nearly a full roll of chicken wire trying to beat this fiend! 😫

    • We’ve spent the weekend combing the lawn looking for bulbs and succulents, and they’ve either dug up or eaten half of the annuals. We’ve had, at times, anything up a dozen adult birds in the back yard (we live on an environmental corridor). Between them and the bandicoots I’ve just about given up LOL. Try chicken wire PLUS bird netting (available at Bunnings for a cheapish price). Good luck! xx

  • We headed up to the Bunyas today & were challenged going up & coming down by a brave-but-not-overly-bright scrub turkey who has obviously built his nest a bit close to the road & now feels obliged to protect it from nasty invaders … AKA all vehicles using the road. :0P Love the new quilts but firmly in denial about Christmas approaching way too fast!! Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

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