• trigger warning – suicide.

It’s Friday again and it is a glorious day here in the Great South-East. The sky is so blue and even though I live smack-dab in the middle of busy suburbia all I can hear are the birds in the trees and one of our cats chattering angrily at me because he’s not allowed to eat them. I’m a cruel and uncaring human apparently LOL.

I am very excited to announce that I’ve been asked to be a brand ambassador for Therm-o-Web again this year. High fives, woohoo! etc. I genuinely use a metric ton of their products in my work every year and I’m very happy to share the love. This means giveaways, free projects, and lots of fun. Stay tuned!

On a sad note, and hence the trigger warning, one of my favourite musicians died today in a suspected suicide. I’m guessing most of you have never heard of Chester Bennington or the band Linkin Park, but his/their music has been a huge part of my life in recent years. As my youngest daughter would say “I’m shook-eth”. Yep Kel, I am shook-eth to the core.

I can remember when Elvis died. 1977 wasn’t it? I was still a kid, still in primary school, with crooked teeth and knobbly knees. An adult cousin was visiting at the time and I can remember her absolute grief over his death. I didn’t understand it then, but as I get older I’m beginning to understand more. How do these people, people we will never meet, mean so much to us? RIP Chester, Numb will always be at the top of my playlist.

toni xx

Ps. I still have knobbly knees!

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  • Congratulations!! That is great news about Therm-O-Web.

    I have heard of Linkin Park too. I didn’t know who the lead singer was and I couldn’t tell you what songs they sang but then I am pretty ingnorant about things like that. I love music but I can never tell you who sings a particular song, I just know that I like it. It seems that depression preys on the creative mind. So many creative people seem to suffer.

    Elvis died when I was living in England. I was working in a hotel in Dorset at the time. I was told by one of the guests at the hotel when I served her breakfast. She was in floods of tears and her husband was trying to console her. I remember thinking how strange it was for her to be so upset about someone she didn’t even know. You would think it was a family member or close friend the way she was acting.

  • Peace to you. Even I, in rural North Carolina have heard if Linkin Park. It is sad news for the world of music.

    I am also happy that you have been chosen (again!!!) to be a spokes-person for Thermoweb! Yay you! 💕

  • I loved the songs Numb and In the End by Linkin Park. Didn’t know the name of lead singer but why oh why suicide so very sad.

  • Awesome news ~ obviously about the Therm O Web part, not the sad part about the Linken Park singer.
    And yes, I’ve heard of the band. One of my boys (at least one for sure of the three do) likes that band.

    Also, yes Elvis was 1977. It was the year I graduated high school and when that hit the news of his death I was actually babysitting at a local hotel/resort in my town which was known nationwide as THE place to stay. In fact at least one I know for sure of our Presidents had stayed there and that place also had a huge ice skating rink which actually had amazing skating trainers and some celebrity skaters were there all through my high school years. It was the high school hang out place too so we would see Janet Lynn there ALL the time. Anyway, back on track here; my girlfriend from high school and I just loved Elvis and when she heard about his death, she called me. Well, she had to track me down since back then as you know there was no such thing as a cell phone. My Mom told here where I was babysitting so she called there and they transferred the call to the room I was in. Then she came over to the room not long after that so we could cry. LOL Thinking back now I think it was funny how we acted. At least the people I was sitting for at the hotel understood when my friend was there and I still got paid. I LOVED sitting there because most people who stayed there had ‘money’ so the tips even for babysitting were very nice. 🙂

    Well, sorry, that got kinda long. Sorry about your favorite singer though. I’m sure you’re feeling a bit like I did back in ’77 with Elvis. Hugs.

  • Congrats on being a Therm-O-Web ambassidor again! :0) Your applique designs are so darn cute it’s no wonder they want you representing them. Will have to try their product some time … I usually use easy-fix, which I love … but always open to try new … as long as it doesn’t mess with my designs. Tee! Hee! Hee! It’s particularly sad to lose special people to suicide. It’s hard for us to wrap our heads around someone so loved and appreciated not feeling loved and appreciated. Music lives on, though … as do special people in the lives of those they touch. Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

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