Henry is not a Mermaid.

He’s a nerdy Moose and he’s in our Etsy store tonight. Henry the Moose is a hard enamel pin.

– Approx. length – 3 cm (1 inch) and width – 2.5cm
– Metal + enamel pin – Gunmetal metal detailing.
– Smooth shiny surface.
– Glitter antlers and suspenders.
– Henry has a butterfly clasp.

A Mermaid’s Tale is in our Etsy store tonight too for the special introductory price (PDF) of $5. I’m sorry about the terrible photograph, it’s much nicer in real life. I’ll take more photos when the plumbers and electricians have finished in the house.
Remember the hot water system blow-out? Well it’s caused some major issues, and we are replacing the plumbing and some wiring throughout the whole house. The disruption and mess is huge and I think I may actually faint at the bill :oP
The house is almost 60 years old, so it had to be done eventually. The catastrophic failure just happened sooner than we had hoped LOL.
Have a great weekend everyone, toni xx

Ps. The free dollhouse quilt will be available this weekend too.


5 thoughts on “Henry is not a Mermaid.”

  • I have downloaded the Miss Molly’s Doll House Thankyou for a Great Freebie I also downloaded all your other freebies and I have to say WOW You give away some amazing Patterns Once again Thankyou PS I promise to send pictures when I have finished each one Cheers Kylie 🙂

  • So sorry for your homeowner troubles.
    Your quilts are so cute and joyful I don’t know how you manage that with the stresses of your situation, but I glad you do!

  • Henry is very handsome Toni. He arrived in my house yesterday and I love him. Thank you. Love the mermaids too.

  • Just bought the pattern cant wait to make this for my grand daughter. She is going through her mermaid stage.

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