Paper Mermaids…

I’m almost done with the mermaids. They remind of a string of paper dolls, bright, fun, colourful. I’ll have the quilt done tonight and the pattern ready sometime mid-week.

mermaid quilt newWe’re still without hot water. Strangely hubby and I are enjoying the austerity of bathing from a bucket of water. It’s startling how little water you need to get really clean. The main pain in the toosh is boiling the water on the stove first.

mmaid hair

I’m taking it one day at a time. My stress levels are such that I can’t turn off my fight or flight response. It’s a bit scary but we’re working on it. I’d love to move out of suburbia, maybe to a cottage in the country. Maybe have some cows and ducks and geese, dogs and cats, and no scary neighbours LOL.

mermaidsHave a great week everyone, mid-week for the mermaids and the free doll house quilt pattern. xx

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4 thoughts on “Paper Mermaids…”

  • Neptune and his harem….. I love your quilt top and sorry I’m wont be here to quilt it (no I’m not really!! – well I am sorry not to quilt it but I’m not sorry to be going away!)….
    You take care….. and breathe deep…

  • I love the mermaids. Sorry I haven’t answered you. Busy, busy, busy. I’ll try to email tomorrow.

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