8 thoughts on “Making Rainbows…”

  • Your hair could have a nasty accident with your cutter. They cant be so cruel as to keep you away from those too

  • Stay away from the clippers. Your hair drives you crazy when you are growing it out but it will be worth it. My friend hasn’t been able to use her shower for weeks now because of leak in the wall. She has been driving across town with a towel every second day to use my shower for about four weeks now. She has at least got hot water in the kitchen. Hang in there.

  • Sounds like oneof those diaries of a siege situation! :0) Splash baths aren’t much fun … Come for a drive if you want a cuppa & a hot, rainwater shower. :0P Oh … And stay AWAAAAAAAY from clippers & haircutting scissors!! Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

    • Kris, I’m pretending I’m Lizzie from Pride and Prejudice, enjoying my sponge baths LOLZ. I’m aiming for some sort of bob haircut, can I stand the straggly dead rodent look for much longer though??? xx

  • you do make me laugh…. keep away from the shaver!!! I hope your water is fixed soon… winter is coming!

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