Hi everyone,

I was hacked across all media yesterday by porn-bots.

Our techies assure us that all images have been removed. I don’t store personal information on any site so everyone is safe from any malware that may have been attached. This was purely a look-at-me exercise by the people involved and is becoming a common occurrence on many social media sites. I do apologise if you got to see more than you intended!

It was absolutely the last straw in a line of intensely stressful events for me and I’ve decided to take some time off. I desperately need to regain my equilibrium. I’ve been making a complete ass of myself lately.

john cleese 4

This doesn’t mean I won’t be working or posting, it just means I’ll be working normal hours and not eating standing up in the kitchen with a sandwich in one hand and a rotary cutter in the other *lol*. I’ll be back full-time when I’m less reactionary and I no longer feel like biting people’s heads off for no reason at all.

I have some wonderful, happy projects in the pipeline so please stick around, I’ll be back in a happier, healthier frame of mind soon.

Much love, toni xx


  1. Enjoy your more than well deserved hiatus. Hope you get to relax and regenerate some kind of normal. Know we will miss you dearly but understand completely. May the crazies go away soon!

  2. Not good. Lavish some extra TLC on yourself and your family. Cyber hugs and see you again when you’ve de-stressed and had lots of sleep, even if it takes a while. Mwaaaaah!

  3. Take all the time you and your family need. You should have a bright and happy life (like your quilts), and I hope it’s just round the corner.

  4. This is a good idea. Take time off and concentrate on yourself and you family. I’m always here if you need to talk.

  5. So sorry Toni. Take all the time you need to get back to ‘you’. We will be here when you are ready. Family first and your wellbeing the most precious. Hugs.

  6. Sorry to hear it but you and your family come first. I look forward to hearing when things get better, and they will.

  7. Take care of yourself, Toni. That’s what is important right now. We’ll watch for your return when you feel refreshed and renewed!

  8. So sorry to hear what you’ve been going through! We will always be here once you return from your hiatus. Take care of yourself and your family..they take priority over everything else. Hugs to you.