Hi everyone,

I was hacked across all media yesterday by porn-bots.

Our techies assure us that all images have been removed. I don’t store personal information on any site so everyone is safe from any malware that may have been attached. This was purely a look-at-me exercise by the people involved and is becoming a common occurrence on many social media sites. I do apologise if you got to see more than you intended!

It was absolutely the last straw in a line of intensely stressful events for me and I’ve decided to take some time off. I desperately need to regain my equilibrium. I’ve been making a complete ass of myself lately.

john cleese 4

This doesn’t mean I won’t be working or posting, it just means I’ll be working normal hours and not eating standing up in the kitchen with a sandwich in one hand and a rotary cutter in the other *lol*. I’ll be back full-time when I’m less reactionary and I no longer feel like biting people’s heads off for no reason at all.

I have some wonderful, happy projects in the pipeline so please stick around, I’ll be back in a happier, healthier frame of mind soon.

Much love, toni xx

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