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Did you know these projects are free for your personal use under the “Free Stuff” menu tab at the top right-hand side of the page? I’ll be adding more freebies this year.


Thanks everyone for your lovely messages, I’ll try and reply to everyone over the weekend. I do have a small presence on Craftsy and it might be worth directing more traffic over there. I think I will keep the Etsy store open while I’m building a stand alone website – it all depends on income at the moment. My deadline is the 30th June purely because it’s the end of our tax year.

I didn’t realise that Etsy had made it so hard to make a purchase for some people. I’ve had messages about faulty shopping carts, geo-blocking, and not be able to find my patterns even though I’ve directed you through a link. I didn’t know of these issues and I’m so sorry if Etsy has sent anyone on a wild goose chase. I also found out overnight that Etsy has removed the ‘fabric’ category from their site too. So many stores owners are frantically trying to work out what to do next. Thanks and much love, toni xx


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