Measure twice and don’t sneeze.

The flaming mangoes (LOL) are coming along nicely, there was an initial blip with the layout because the pink of the flamingos overwhelmed the background fabric but I think I’ve got it sorted.

measuring flamingos 2

Tonight I’m fusing them together. I use a sheet of Glad Bake (instead of a teflon sheet or applique sheet) to put them together before I fuse them to the background fabric. You can see the template through the Glad Bake which makes it perfect for putting the pieces together. I love my Glad Bake and buy it in bulk. It’s perfect for chocolate chip cookie baking too!

These guys are all twirly and bendy so I’ve been measuring out where to place them on the background blocks. I had them all measured perfectly and then I had a sneezing fit. One block is wonky now and I’m a bit cheesed about it. C’est la vie right!?

measuring flamingos

I’m off to the dentist first thing tomorrow; I’ve badly cracked a molar and I’m being a weenie about it. My back teeth don’t go completely numb and I usually end up with multiple needles, a cranky dentist, and me singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall (in my head) whilst trying not to leap out of the chair and run screaming! LOL.

Wish me luck, toni xx


5 thoughts on “Measure twice and don’t sneeze.

  1. Flamingos look fabbo and straighter than mine will look when you get the pattern finished. Absolutely right there with you being a weeny about a cracked molar. Bet your dentist has some good stories.

  2. I have seen a flock of flamingos. It is just a sea of pink, a bit like an intense sunset. They were so beautiful.

  3. Can’t wait to see how the flamingos come together … No peeking for blue feathers! :0P Good luck at the dentist … Totally get being a weeny … I’m the biggest sooky-la-la in the universe when it comes to dentists! EEP! Soup for dinner tomorrow night?!?! :0P Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

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