What’s next on the worktable?

I had a very clear image of my next quilt in my head, I even bought the fabric, but when I sat down today to nut out the templates something happened. The preliminary sketches morphed into something completely new. The imagined quilt, the one so carefully planned, has gone; to be replaced with this new image. That’s how my brain works and it can be a pain in the toosh sometimes.

I promised myself that I would go with the flow this year, to follow my lopsided creative brain wherever it took me. And it’s taking me on a fabulous journey. I am itching to turn this sketch into a quilt, a mug, a cross stitch, fabric. Will it work? I don’t know, but hand me the scissors!





9 thoughts on “What’s next on the worktable?

  1. That is great Toni. Let the creativity flow which ever way it wants. The best ideas just come of their own accord. That is how it happens for me. No plan just go with the flow. It is exciting and always interesting.

  2. Have fun! Sounds like we will be in for a wild ride right along sid of you…I can’t wait! ❤

  3. Hi Toni,
    If you ever get lost for ideas, my 10 year old son is absolutely pug mad and so are all of his friends. A pug mug rug or better yet a pug quilt would be very popular in my household.

    Good luck with your new design – looking forward to seeing it soon.

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