Wonder Clips Baby.

One of the cons of living in a small house is lack of work space. I work off my kitchen table and use the floor or bed as a design wall. It means I’m constantly packing up my blocks and putting them aside. I normally use a camera to keep a record of where I’m at, but sometimes (all the time) it’s a pain in the butt.

Scrap fabric, a laundry marker and Wonder Clips to the rescue!

Ps. I don’t use the floor any more – you wouldn’t believe the amount of people (not family) who thought it was okay to WALK on the quilts.

Ps. Yep, I know I can’t count… 23, 22…



2 thoughts on “Wonder Clips Baby.

  1. For many years I also sewed on the kitchen table and had to always pack up. I used the back of a plastic table cloth to put my blocks on sew that way I could roll it up when I had to pack up!

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