Sunshine + Sunday.

Hi y’all, thanks for your patience with this. The Wild West quilt pattern is in the Etsy store and ready to go. PDF patterns are $4 for the next couple of days.


Thanks also for your kind wishes and emails, it seems quite a few of you are dealing with bullying too. It’s such a frustrating problem and it’s hard to deal with because it’s not of your doing. It’s near impossible to modify someone else’s behaviour, especially if there isn’t appropriate adult guidance.


I’m sorry if last night’s blog post, which I have deleted, was too far removed from quilting. I was done in, so over this rubbish, that I cracked a little. We’ve had seven years of this and I couldn’t watch my beautiful daughter suffer a second more. Your emails have given me the strength to continue, and have (importantly) offered further options within the Australian education system that I didn’t know about.


Arctic Adventures 2 is ready to be quilted and will be available soon. In the meantime I’ve been playing with these blocks. I think a teddy bear’s picnic is in order. I’m allowing my creativity to lead the way this year, going with the flow, rather than forcing anything. I’m not sure where it will take me, but I hope to have a lot of very happy quilts at the end of 2017.

Congratulations to Carol H. for winning the December Birthday Club draw! There is a $25 dollar e-voucher heading Carol’s way. Click the “sign-ups” tab in the menu to be taken to the Birthday Club page. You only need to sign-up once to go in all future draws.

happy-birthdayHave a wonderful week everyone, I’m zoning out and taking some bears on a picnic. toni xx


3 thoughts on “Sunshine + Sunday.

  1. I just wanted to tell you and your daughter that it does get better. This is coming from someone who was bullied for a long time (USA – elementary –> high school). I wish I could go back and tell that 9/10yo me that things will get better and that you are not fat (now I am fat, and I now know I wasn’t fat then). Thank you for taking care of your daughters and I am glad to know that you have found some more options within the Australian education-system.

    Now on a more quilty-note – I absolutely LOVE the snake borders! Thank you for all you do for us and your family. <3!

  2. Love teddy bears !!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with😊 Also excited to see Artic Adventure II.
    Hope all improves with your daughter’s situation and you find a solution that works for her !!! Hang in there ! Debbi

  3. This is looking good Toni. A teddy bear’s picnic – what a good idea. You need some cheer in your life.

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