Tis the season…

It’s Clark Griswold time! *Yippee* Christmas isn’t Christmas until we’ve watched Clark and Eddie :o>

We headed into the city tonight to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Everybody is working solid for the next week, including some pretty awful 8pm to 1am retail hours, then a doozy of a shift on Christmas Eve (11pm to 4am), only to be back on Boxing Day. I’m not sure when you are supposed to slot in family time when it’s a retail Christmas :oP


The city was pretty as usual, and I could really love living in an apartment overlooking this view. So could these two (my daughters) – they are plotting to win the lotto! :oD


I won’t be closing down over the festive break, but please keep in mind that it is Christmas and it might take longer than usual for me to answer any queries.

I have another Christmas Special on Etsy. Farmhouse Daisies is on special this weekend for $4 (PDF only). It was the first quilt I had published in a major magazine. I still love this quilt, it was made from gorgeous soft flannels. The were so lush it was like sewing with velvet. It’s the perfect project to see you through those turkey-leftover filled days between Christmas and New Year.


As usual it’s late. Why do I do this at midnight? We have an early retail start in the morning, so Happy Friday everyone. toni xx


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