Hello November…

Hello November where did you come from?  2016 is on it’s final rollercoaster ride to the end. What a year. Soon it will be Thanksgiving, then Christmas.


I’m working on a new, bright, fun Christmas quilt. It will replace Christmas at Santa’s House (below) which will be permanently retired this year.


The lovely Fiona is currently quilting the lion quilt for me. All things going well I should have the pattern done by early next week. I’ll let you know asap when it’s ready.


Fiona also has the scrappy dogs quilt. I’m really torn about this one, I’m not sure whether to write the pattern or not. I’m not even sure whether I should go ahead and have it quilted; I couldn’t tell you why.


I also have a quilt in the latest edition of Quilters Companion magazine – it’s called Spring Fling. I can’t find what I did with the quilt, so I can’t take a proper photo. I haven’t seen the magazine or the pattern yet. I was surprised not to have been required to check and approve the final pattern instructions, I’ve never worked with a magazine that did that before. I’m not entirely comfortable with it.


I’ll have lots more to show you next time including some fantastic giveaways. Right now I need to put in a few more hours stitching then I’m hitting the zzzz’s. I was awake until 3.30am this morning and I’m just about done. Happy middle-of-November, toni xx


5 thoughts on “Hello November…

  1. I think the dogs deserve to be written up. At times I have not been sent a pattern for final approval. It has been with magazines that normally send it so I have assumed that it was an oversight or they were running late and didn’t have time for me to check it. Like you I am not comfortable with it. Only once has there been a problem with what was printed. The mistake was made by me when I wrote the pattern and wasn’t picked up by the magazine. I doubt if I would have picked it up if it had been sent to me for approval anyway. Just cross tour fingers and hope for the best.

  2. love the doggie and would like to have pattern;could be used as raffle quilt for lots of shelters!

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