A Speedy Racer and Scrap Bin Koalas.

I found these guys in the bottom of my scrap bin. A half finished koala quilt LOL. Should I finish it off?


I also found the prototype for a villainous Speedy Racer from the Happy Quilts book. I had originally thought of making a good guy and a bad guy but time ran out. If you would like to make your own villainous Speedy Racer, simply add frowny eyebrows and a moustache to the original pattern.


Spring has officially sprung here in Brisbane, a pair of pale-headed rosellas showed up in the trees in the front yard this morning. We look forward to their visits every year. Everybody is out on their verandahs and decks today too, there is happy chatter echoing up and down the street. Warmer, brighter days are on their way *happy dance*.

Okay, back to clearing out 20 years of stash/sewing mess! Happy weekend, toni xx

Ps. check back this week for a $4 Friday sale!


6 thoughts on “A Speedy Racer and Scrap Bin Koalas.

  1. Yes, finish the poor koala…it surfaced for a reason!
    And the racer? That s the great thing about your designs/book. Mix and match with other softies, add a little imagination and you have a new design. I’m still planning to turn the racer into Vakentino Rossi, a moto GP champion. Add his colour yellow, his nummer 46, perhaps some logo s…..I can t find the right ” see through helmet fabric” yet but the next race in my country is june 2017. Plenty of time 😀

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