Ghosts & Ghouls.

Hi everyone, has it really been (almost) three weeks since I wrote a blog post? I’m a little surprised it’s been so long.

A Winter bug has been working it’s way through the household and it’s my turn. Yuck, it’s been an age since I had a cold.

I’ve been working in between stuffing Kleenex up my nose, and this is what’s on the cutting mat.


Ghosts and Ghouls. This pattern will be available soon, and best of all it will be FREE. It’s sponsored by my new mates at Thermoweb – the HeatnBond people. I’m hoping there will be a giveaway or two as well.

The pattern will include a Trick or Treat bag, and hopefully some ghostie bunting.

trick or treat

Nite to you all, it’s almost midnight here, and time for bed.

Have a great weekend, toni xx


8 thoughts on “Ghosts & Ghouls.

  1. Wishing you fast recovery! These are adorable! Makes me wish for a kid to make the Trick-or-Treat bag…but I guess it would also make a fun tote – LOL.

  2. I have missed your cheerflu blog posts and hope you get over those bugs soon… I love your ghosties…. they are really fun…

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